Honestly, it’s one of Wade’s many stupid-human tricks. Maybe he spent too much time in front of the mirror as a kid… maybe he still does… Regardless, we wanted a name that was more than just our name. Been there, done that. So, Square Mouth Studios was born.

Of course! However, this can’t be unseen. 🙂

We take pride in our work and push ourselves to be as creative as we can in any situation. Our goal is to bring out your personality with every session. We’re laid back, easy going and like to have fun at our sessions & weddings. We completely understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so we will help you loosen up and enjoy your time being the center of attention.


Well, do you like to dress up or are you more casual? We always tell clients to wear what they’re comfortable in. This is your time to show off your personality!

Of course. All sessions include and online ordering gallery where you can view all of your photos and order prints directly. It’s super easy and convenient!

We accept cash, check, credit & Chase Quick Pay.


Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable being in front of a camera. This is a terrific time for us to start working together and for you to learn more about our style and how we work. You wouldn’t believe how new of an experience it is to have your photos taken. This session will immediately confirm the quality of our photos, our comfortable personality and will help set your expectations on your big day. It helps get the “where should I put my hands” concerns out of the way. Plus, it’s already included in all of the packages! Double plus… all of the extra photos of you two are a pretty nice benefit.

The answer is a big YES! We love to travel. Whether it’s a family session in Chicago or an elopement in Cancun, we’re up for it. Let’s discuss your destination wedding! (Some travel fees may apply)

Our average weddings requires about 10 hours of coverage. Every wedding day has a different timeline and caters to certain, important requests. A big part of your timing may factor in to whether you see each other before or after the ceremony.

Great question! Do whatever you feel is best for YOU! It is YOUR wedding day, not anyone else’s. If you dream of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle, not a problem. We will plan your photo timeline accordingly!
Most of our clients who choose to see each other before the ceremony say that it was one of their best wedding day decisions. It’s a really intimate moment and one that can really set you at ease. It’s a great opportunity to really take each other in and clear a few little butterflies that may be lingering in your nervous/excited stomach. Another benefit is that we can capture most of the bridal party photos before the ceremony, which means more time for you mingling with guests and enjoying your cocktail hour.

We typically start 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony and stay through all the main events of your reception (first dance, cutting of the cake… etc). It may vary if you are interested in more preparation photos towards the beginning of the day or wanting us to stick around for a big send-off.

Yes, all of the packages include the hi-res digital photos! You will also receive a personal print release form that grants you permission to print your wedding & engagement photos for personal use at any location you choose.

You’ve just invested in one of the most important days of your life, now show it off in the best way possible. We include an online proofing gallery with all of our weddings, ensuring you have access to a professional print lab service that your wedding deserves! While Walgreens and other discount printers definitely serve a purpose, their quality of printing doesn’t even come close to our professional print labs.

Heck Yes! We have some awesome samples that we would love to show off to you. Let’s set up a time for you to check them out.

Of course. Better safe than sorry!

Yes, we’re covered!


Have more questions? Send us a message and we will answer them all!

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